Photo: Cory Townes

The Superbowl was in New York this year, so you know the city was bound to have multiple events bringing close to everyone out, football fans or not. With The Knicks, Rangers, Islanders and Nets in town, Revolt’s Super Bowl Concert with Drake, The Source’s own Superbowl Viewing Party with Angela Yee as well as many other events including the Super Bowl itself, this week in New York was one of the most exciting we’ve seen in a while. However, a “small gathering” created by Kameron McCullough (@KoolestKidOut) may have stolen the show on this eventful weekend.

How can this be proven? You tell us another party where you can open the doors at 4 P.M and have the venue be packed to capacity by 4:20.

Located at Tammany Hall, this was expected to be the biggest #HennyPalooza yet. Upon entering the building, it was obvious that the actual product far exceeded the hype, a feat previously thought to be impossible.  From the minute you walked in, the venue was packed wall to wall with 20-somethings displaying abundant amounts of reckless abandon. The party had a feel similar to J’ouvert. The mood brought you back to those summer nights when you had not a care in the world but to make sure your night went as legendary as possible. The DJ had the party in the palm of his hand, and the bartender (@DeaPierre) made sure that the party-goers’ cups were never empty.  This was truly a unforgettable experience.

And that was just the basement.

On the main floor, nothing was the same. The main floor had even more energy.  Drake’s “Trophies” and “We Made It” and Beyonce’s “Drunk In Love” seemed to sound even better hearing them in this environment. One of the hosts Lowkey (@LowKeyUHTN) and DJ Austin Millz (@Austinmillz) had undeniable chemistry with their set, and the time of day didn’t matter at one point.

No fights.  Cups spilled, people bumped into each other, and there was no misbehavior.

This party is truly an experience that you have to attend to understand how great this movement is. In fact, other states will get their chance:

#HennyPalooza is going on tour in the near future! Follow @KoolestKidOut for more details on the #HennyPalooza Tour.

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