jeezyThe Corporate Thug has us all wondering about the details of his next project

If you haven’t seen it already, Jeezy’s camp released a teaser trailer for his next album. In it, Jizzle is seen rocking multiple leather outfits while putting in work in the studio with everyone from DJ Drama to Usher to Shawn Pecas to Future. And of course as with every Hip-Hop video there was some expected concert footage. It closes with the message that the album is coming “soon.” As most of you know, in the world of Hip-Hop “soon” could mean some time before his career ends due to sample clearance issues or not being content with the final product. And judging by the “In My Head” single and the potential artists working on it with him, there’s one thing we all wanted to know about the project-what’s he gonna call it?

Inspired by “#InMyHead” on all of Jeezy’s Instagram posts as of late, we put on our Atlanta Braves thinking snapbacks on and took our best shots at some of the ideas floating around in his mind for potential album names. Hit the jump for 10 of them.

PS: No, we didn’t play off of the Snowman persona since that would be more apt for a mixtape, which would obviously be called Frosty Till I D-I-E: Riders on the Snowstorm.

Images: Nick Williams (@nickisinparis)
Words: Bryan Hahn (@notupstate)