Born in Queens, NY where he’s lived his whole life tattoo artist, Made Rich has been creating forms of entertainment for his craft since childhood. Raised in a single parent household being the only child the four walls of the compact studio apartment he once lived in gave him minimum room for his mother, grandmother, and self to have much space of their own to roam. With a pencil and paper he always knew how to create a world of his own and roam free without a care.


He says “This world that my pencil and paper has helped me create has been good to me thus far, but as an artist your best picture is always the one that you haven’t drawn yet”.


Ironically it’s a concept that is commonly overlooked by today’s average tattoo seeker, “Think Before You Ink”. With the sudden surge of tattoos up roaring as a fashion trend, few consumers take the time out think about these life altering body modifications before getting under the needle. Even though tattoos are slowly becoming more accepted to the public, rarely will you bypass viewing one without passing judgement, and that alone comes after race, gender and religion. Fortunately some have made a way for themselves

despite how others may perceive them and have used their ink to their advantage in their daily and professional lives. Time and preparation are essential for choosing the right tattoos, unlike a shirt or an accessory there is no return option. Take the time to “Think Before You Ink” and make sure yours tattoos complement your lifestyle.

Below is volume 1 of a episode series.



– Pompay Garrett, @Loud_Pack