Incarcerated Hip Hop mogul Jimmy Henchmen is the target of federal prosecutors in relation to the murder of an associate of 50 Cent. If found guilty of these charges, Henchmen could be facing the death penalty.

Henchmen, whose real name is James Rosemond, could very well be charged in the near future for the murder of Lowell Fletcher, an associate of 50 Cent, in 2009. Rosemond associates Rodney Johnson and Brian McCleod are currently facing murder and weapons charges in Manhattan federal court because of the Fletcher murder. “[Federal prosecutors] are in the process of putting together charges against Mr. Rosemond for a death penalty-eligible offense”, said U.S. Attorney Todd Kaminsky.

Lowell Fletcher is the person who is believed to have taken the rap for Tony Yayo, who allegedly assaulted Rosemond’s then 14 year old son by slapping him. Fletcher was gunned down in the Bronx for what the Feds believe was a hit in retaliation for the assault and Johnson and McCleod were paid with narcotics.

Rosemond is currently behind bars without bail in Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center on various charges in relation to a multi million dollar drug ring. The man accused in the first shooting of Tupac in Quad Studios has now been charged with running a cocaine ring and using the offices and resources of Interscope Records to ship cocaine and its proceeds coast to coast.

-ShaBe Allah(@KingPenStatus)